So, I had another guided day out in the wilds of the Elenydd two days ago. It’s been a hectic week with a mix of guiding and preparing some extra website administration. I’m also looking at some merchandise in the form of quality sweat-tops and caps….as they say, I’ll see how the mop flops before committing with that venture.……. Its been a great season if I’m honest and I’ve met some extremley interesting folks, from all over the Country ….. and of course a couple of expert fishermen that came over from Germany. Tuesday was another day up in the glorious Elenydd……. Claerwen reservoir to be precise. Rebecca had been looking forward to this wild brown trout sortie for some time, I had put off the original date of the Saturday, and moved it onwards to the Tuesday, which was a good call weather wise. The Saturday was baking hot with very little wind, and of course Tuesday we had a day of drizzle and quite a pokey North Westerly wind….. perfect, or so I thought !!!!

Tricky customers today….. my usual armoury weren’t getting hammered by salmo trutta !!!!! But before we go in search of our elusive quarry, let me say that Rebecca took to the fly casting pretty well, and got the mechanics of the false cast under her belt , with the knowledge that the line has to load and turn over a leader in order to propel the fly out to the designated spot !!!! So yes, I really take my hat off to her, for the enthusiasm and determination. It was a total wind down for Becky, her Veterinary practice up in Cheshire is very very busy, and I had the distinct feeling throughout the day, she was absolutely loving the wilderness and the massive nature of the Elenydd….. who can blame her, it’s total solitude and big air at its best !!!!!
Anyway….. some fly changes later, and an adjustment of the tippet, I had Becky into some gorgeous wild brownies …. In fact we walked up to the rough craggy area of the western shore, worth the effort, as she picked up a few fish along that very wild section of shoreline…… superb!!!! Nothing huge, but that didn’t matter, just catching beautiful wild brownies in the wildest of places with only the sheep as company and the odd croaking from the ravens wheeling up high ….. just fantastic, and a very happy client ……

I must admit it’s always a total buzz seeing clients catch wild brownies for the first time ….. just awesome fun!!!!! Love it !!!! I’m thankful the weather was kind to us in fairness, by eleven bells, the drizzle had all but fizzled out, leaving just that pokey wind!! My mission was to get Becky into some wild brownies which she did with flying colours, and I must say she handled the fish very well, wet hands, with a minimum time out of the water….. just great to see, as I explained, catch and release of all wild brownies is so important. Through the day, we did happen to see two cormorants……. Not such a good sight if I’m honest !!!!!! I guess these fish eating birds have a choice of where to dine up here, the Teifi pools, Gynon, Carw, Gwngu or Llyn Fryddon Fawr …. All with trout in them !!!!! Some of which are on the Claerwen reservoir day ticket incidentally …… which for a tenner is extremely good value I can tell you …… so if you ever fancy a full days expedition then please feel free to contact myself …. Stamina, good strong legs, and a bit of determination are required, to get to some of these way out mountain llyns , but rest assured, on the right day, you’ll have an absolute ball !!!!

I think the eight hours session was enjoyed immensely by Becky , she thanked me profusely for such a fun chilled out day, with a good few fish as well to the net ….. On the journey back into Rhayader, she discussed bringing a group up next season as a team building exercise, it’s a fabulous location for that ….. fly fishing and other outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking and pony trekking are all available in Rhayader, and easy to book up. As with everything some notice on all these activities is always advisable to avoid disappointment!!!! But we sure are spoilt for outdoor adventurous activities in the Lakeland of Wales.

So, as I write this blog, we are back into another cooler spell of weather…… I’ve managed a couple of fantastic mornings on a lovely little forgotten stream in a hidden valley ….. sublime dry fly sport ….. that gut wrenching feeling is nearly there folks…. Seasons end, and that last cast on the river ….. but alas, I suppose there is some consolation, the big wild waters are open till October 17th…… so if anyone does fancy a late season guided session, feel free to give me a bell ….. sport can be pretty hectic on the right day !!!! Anyway my friendly folks of the angle, stay well, and ………………………….. tight lines !!!!! 😉😉🎣🎣🎣🐟🐟🐟🐟