Such strange weather we are having at the moment, it’s a Saturday evening and we are in a deep low, with Storm Kathleen battering the extreme parts of the west of Wales and some other westerly areas of Britain ….. The winds last night in Rhaeadr Gwy were pretty pokey I must admit, and now, it’s very heavy rain, you know the stuff, literally bouncing off the roads….. I call it horror movie rain…… it’s always heavy on the films isn’t it, accompanied by huge amounts of lightening !!!!! Anyway, last Tuesday and more so Wednesday were fantastic sport up in the Elan valley….. one day on Claerwen, and mid week on Craig Goch, just fishing the southerly shore for three hours from nine till twelve….. just total fun !!!! Although a good wave was on the go, with a very mild south westerly wind, the fish were up and hitting my wet flies hard …… fast retrieves were the order of the day …….. anything else was a no go !!!! A dozen beautifully strong, feisty fish between the ten to fourteen inch range, were brought to the net, some of them stunningly buttery, and each one different from the last, love it !!!! 🥰

Swirls to my point fly mostly ….. savage chunky fish too !!!! Always amazes me at this time of year how strong and conditioned the brownies are ….. just fantastic ….. What’s odd, is that their cousins up in Claerwen reservoir can be long and thin, with a very dark back and flank, but obviously you do get big, chunky fish too, especially when the bibio hatches appear, and of course the famed bracken clock hatch !!!! … The coloration of fish at this time of year, is noticeably different too, being more platinum, with a silvery hue, and not as buttery as the Craig Goch resident wild brownies . The further you go up the huge Claerwen reservoir, the more pronounced the spots seem to be too, most interesting, particularly around Brwynog bay ……. Ohhhhhhh some goooooood trout lurk here, it’s definately worth the trek over there. But, digressing, this is the case with much of the fishing in mid wales, wether it be on a wild mountain Llyn, or a trek to a decent little feeder stream you’ve kept more secret that the K.F.C. recipe !!!!! lol…. ‘Tis a determined trek to get to some of these distant locations, and good administration is needed, as well as some good fitness ….. Think of the pounds you’ll be shedding too !!!! And, make sure someone knows your heading to a wild mountain Llyn, particularly if you’re heading out solo !!!!! That disco grass in the moors takes no prisoners, and is just waiting to sprain your ankle … walk carefully and use your eyes a lot !!!! If I want to look around, I physically stop…. Sounds basic, but it works, good filedcraft and moorland sense is needed in wild Wales, trust me !!!!!

The Cerriglwydion lakes, Gynon and the other mountains llyns, are so worth the massive effort getting there…… When you are there, you’ll have a wild water to yourself for the day, and, fantastic sport, if you do your homework, and go on a decent wind swept day with a good ish bit of cloud cover ….. basically what I call a good wild brown trout day !!!!! A dirty day, or as a buddy used to say to me, a good Bugeilyn or Talybont day !!!!

Looks like it’ll be another few days before I get on one of my wild streams locally ggggrrrrrrr ……. Rain is due, on and off tommorrow too, and into next week so it seems. Therefore a mountain expedition shall be organised, plus a good day out at Nantymoch reservoir mid week …. That wild openness is always fun, she’s very similar to Claerwen, except with more sort of features with regards to the various arms etc etc …. She’s great fun, and like I said before, get the right weather, and a good day of two dozen or more brownies can be had, with the odd surprise thrown in for good measure. Work that shore line, keep on the move all the time, with your favourite team of two flies ….. You can’t go wrong with a bibio, butcher, Zulu or Katie Mac variants here. They’ll stand you in good stead ….. It’ll be full at the moment so should be fun, although like some of the Elan reservoirs, moving on the shingle beach it easier than across the disco grass !!!!!!!
This location is one place, along with a moorland trek to one of the distant mountain llyns were I take a really hearty lunch with me, that sort that doubles up as my tea also ….. By the time I’m back in Rhaeadr, it’s kit away, quick face wash, then down to The Crown for a well earned scoop, or three !!!! As I sit, reminiscing over a fabulous day in the moors. I find it quite funny, as no one knows where youve been, it’s like your own secret world….. you’ve seen know one for the last eight hours…. Your ears become very tuned in, and all of a sudden the standard bar noise in this bustling market town pub seems sooooooo loud !!!! You’re back in the land of the living , the adventure is over for now, fun, hectic, sporting …… Another day similar very soon, maybe even tommorrow !!!!!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it last week, I’m excited about a small wild feeder stream, I’ve seen trout in it , it’s wooded in areas, but with some classic pools, riffles and runs, and it screams to me trout stream !!!! so, this darn weather will have put her up a bit, but it’s only a few miles long, before it enters the Wye, so two clear days and I’ll be there….. A recce is never wasted on streams, and every day is a school days folks ….. This particular one , ive also carried out some kick samples….. very promising and plenty of baetis and stone fly nymphs in my net, along with one bullhead too, always great to see !!!!

Seems to be a curse, as every time I knock up a brief blog, it’s pouring down …. I’m just hoping that soon the wild streams will be all fishable, not only fun for clients who want the variety, but having those beats in your armoury is reassuring. The big wild reservoirs are at least a steady constant, and with weather like this, great sport can be had. Ok, may be a tad bit toned down on the wind side of things, but with waders on, a sensible decent wading jacket, you’re basically good to go all day, without getting wet.

Well folks, that’s it for a few days, if I venture up into the Elenydd, or Nantymoch, I’ll be sure to do a blog on my adventures, and a few pics of the day. Ohhhhh I nearly forgot, along with my website, guiding clients in various locations in the wilds of Wales, on either a stream, Llyn or reservoir, and obviously the blog pages, I’m seeing how this season goes, but A YOUTUBE Wild stream and Mountain Llyn series will be produced by yours truly ….. Obviously I shall use “ESCAPE THE MAINSTREAM” as my title for the series….. Just some of my fun wanderings in the solitudes of Wales ….Im already getting excited delirium as my minds ticking over with ideas and how I’ll present the vlogs …. Anyway, food for thought…. All you piscatorial adventurous types who enjoy chasing Welsh Gold and in fact wild brownies in wild places anywhere, take it steady out there this next week, we’ve certainly got some wild weather in deepest mid Wales !!!!! I won’t be hitting running water anytime soon ……. As always go steady, and the tightest of lines !!!!! 😉😉😉😉🎣🎣🎣🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿