Another busy week for me, with guiding and getting out on some of the wilder streams of the Wye and Usk Foundations Fishing Passport ….. Fortunately, mid week, we had a front come in, with masses of rain, and that Northerly wind…. An odd combination at this time of year. To be fair, my client Kier, had an absolutely fantastic time up at Claerwen Reservoir, albeit a wet and wild day, sport was consistent pretty much all day. He was thrilled to bits with the strength of those feisty ten and twelve inch Claerwen brownies. As a newcomer to the sport, I think he was pretty much hooked, and totally immersed himself with all my knowledge, and tips and tactics which I passed on to him… A superb day all round, and I think Kier and his family had a cracking week in the lovely Rhayader. There is so much to do here, for all the family, wether it be mountain biking, pony trekking, hiking, photography, or simply sitting outside in one of the many beer gardens enjoying the hustle and bustle of this busy, historic little market town, nestled in the Cambrian Mountains……. And we are literally spoilt for choice on quality places to eat…. The Castle, The Triangle, The Eagles, and The Lamb and Flag all do superb food, for hungry families that have been exploring in the Elan Valley all day !!!!

Thankfully the early part of last week was pretty decent here in the middle of wild Wales!! The rivers were a picture, and, with masses of insect life out on parade, including a few Mays that had joined in with the party. Fish were confidently hammering my dry fly offerings on the little Edw, Clywedog and two feeder streams up in the Elenydd….. Medium olives, sedges, and olive uprights were on the menu most of the time, with fish not really harrassing the mayflies just yet ….. I do recall a very similar experience on the River Arrow, were by the mayfly’s really have to be partying hard for the resident fish to get excited about taking the duns…..But, being there when they are locked on to the big mayfly’s is a fantastic fishing experience, and one I hope I time just right this season, along with the Bracken Clock, up at Claerwen Reservoir . Get the timing bang on, and a red letter day should be in the making !!!!! ‘‘Tis a fine window of opportunity, but one which, if your amongst the activity, is one you’ll remember for for a very long time …..

One little stream I fish locally, Tarka the Otter, who is a resident here, and has been here for an age, had obviously, on two occasions been for a bimble up his patch, as the usual pool heads were ever so quiet, and it wasn’t till I came to a silty outer meander of a good pool, that I spotted his fresh prints ….. But, work slowly upstream, and all of a sudden, your back into sport, your Parachute Iron Blue gets nailed in the faster water at the head of the pool ….. nice !!!! And we’re back in the game! It’s as if the otter has a certain limit of exploitation, and after that, the fish are less spooked, and feed normally….. most odd. It certainly doesn’t affect fish numbers, as I had two cracking sessions on this little brook with a known otter present. Lots of fish to my dry fly offerings, ranging in size from six inches up to a healthy twelve inches….. which is a cracker for a little brook like that one. You really have to respect a brownie of twelve inches from a wild overgrown stream ….. Against all odds it’s been wily enough to become a survivor and that is something quite special ……

So, all in all a very varied week, I’ve been out every day, loved every minute of it , and these streams are on fire at the moment. Actually as I’m writing this, I had a good session in the gym earlier and decided, with the lousy weather today that a blog would be most beneficial, after a dam good blow out over at the Leisure Centre. So, with tired legs and arms, I’m conjuring up this piscatorial epistle!!!! With Bank holiday Monday tommorrow, I’m sure the Elan Valley will still be pretty busy today. On the last bank holiday, at the top end of the dam at Claerwen reservoir, I filled a bag with rubbish !!!!! This a shame to see such behaviour in a lovely area…. But, there will always be folks like that !!!! It’s not rocket science to take your empty cans, biscuit and sandwich cartons with you !!!!!!

Looking ahead, a wet week next week, and, thankfully overcast I hope, as another client wants to fish one of the big wild reservoirs, with another keen on fishing a mountain Llyn, later into the week….. Variety is the spice of life, I love it !!!! And, with all this cracking “wild trout” fly fishing I really can’t complain can I …… Living the Dream, till next time folks, enjoy your angling and I’ll catch up with you all very, very soon !!!! 😉😉🎣🎣🐟🐟🐟🐟🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿