Well, sport has certainly picked up as far as dry fly tactics are concerned, on both the big wild still waters of the Elan Valley, and the wild streams…. Obviously fish have been looking up for quite some time on both the Wye and the Usk, namely the trigger being March browns and olives, that get the big river fish excited about surface activity. In honesty it’s really only been the last week or so that the wild streams, namely the River Edw, has actually kicked into gear. I’ll fish another couple of streams locally this next week, probably the Clywedog and the Cammarch, see how the mop flops on those stretches of water. Both lovely beats too !!!! I may venture to an old favourite, the Arrow, and afterwards swing past a nice section of the Lugg just outside Leominster, see how they’re doing on the dries on those beats !!!!

Friday, I had Penygarreg reservoir to myself …. Wow, she was really low, not sure as DWR CYMRU had sluiced a load of water out, obviously the level couldn’t have dropped that much naturally …. Anyway, bibio and ascending sedge were on the menu that afternoon. A small buff f fly and a black hawthorn both did the business, with some really cracking fish and to be honest I didn’t keep a tally at all, I kind of lost count after about fourteen fish netted….. just sublime, and what was odd, all were really good strong brownies….. stunning fish too, just lovely sport. Mind you, presentation had to be spot on, as there was nearly a flat calm, with just a wisp of mild air now and again …. Perfect, and lovely seeing that rise to your fly, striking, and you’re into another fit, feisty Elan brown trout, that strong thumping on the rod tip …… just the best !!!!!

In fact, sport was sooooooo good, I skipped my lunch, and didn’t have it till half six, when I was back at my truck. I can tell you I was ready for a slightly sweaty warm pastie by then, followed by a banana and a lovely cold can of Diet Coke out of my cool bag. They really are a god send, put in a couple of ice blocks and stuff stays lovely and cold, for hours ….. cracking invention !!!! lol ….. Sometimes, these red letter days come along, and now and again they sort of blindside you don’t they. I wasn’t expecting such fabulous sport that afternoon, but boy Penygarreg was on fire …… sizzling, and an afternoon to remember.

The last couple of days, Sunday and today, bank holiday Monday, I’ve fished two different beats of the lovely little River Edw. Both beats are totally unique and the character is different on each of them …. The Hergest beat is one of my favourites… not much tricky bedrock, and easily wadeable in thigh waders, which is what I like in the warm summer months …. Again, sport was superb, I did perhaps turn up a shade early, as the party of upwings had only really just got going at eleven, maybe a midday start on the Monday, which is what I did …. Great sport, with the Edw fish responding to a Para Greenwells and a size twenty f fly …. Both did the business on the two days in fairness ….. I do love fishing the Para dries on these rough and tumble wild streams…. Their profile and how they are visible is perfect I find ….. Well, over the years on these wild streams, I’ve had complete confidence in them …… a fantastic dry fly, from an Adams, through to a Pheasant Tail and the Iron Blue. Each has a place in my tool box for wild stream use ….
The other beat of the Edw, the Aberedw section, again is a firm favourite, although a very steady wade is needed here. There are some really nasty bedrock sections, with those deep fissures and sudden step offs into deeper water…. Care, and a slow mooch is what’s needed, which actually goes hand in hand with how I approach these wild streams anyway…. A lot of prospecting over the last two days, as there weren’t a huge amount of risers, but feisty Edw fish are always willing to smash a well presented dry ….. It’s one of those places that you learn to just fit in with, you sort of know exactly where fish will be, drop your dry and be prepared to strike …. Wait, wait, ……….. bang there he is, just where you thought he’d be, a tussle to the net, a tubby twelve inch Edw brownie, quickly admired, then slipped back in …. He’s gone, pride a bit dented, but he’s fine and dandy…

Both sessions on the little Edw were lively and pretty hectic, with about a dozen fish on each sortie. There is something timeless about dry fly fishing a wild secretive stream. Hardly fished, these locations are just total fun, and, do your bit and you’ll have some great sport. Stealth and very very careful wading are a key to success. “Wade like a ninja” ….. Don’t rush your angling, and take in all that’s around you. Be tuned in to the fly life, what I like to do every trip, is a bit of stone flipping, just to see what’s about…. Stone crawlers, baetis, shrimps, ohhh and a darting bullhead. Always nice to see a chunky little bullhead, they’re such characters, and tell us a lot about the quality and bio diversity in a healthy mountain stream. I’ve seen several stone loach on the Edw beats over the last few seasons, now that’s promising. These little fish demand quality water to thrive and survive…. Nice to see!!! Right folks, that’s me for another few days, hopefully on the River Cammarch tommorrow for a few hours. I did notice a met office weather warning in place for thunderstorms this afternoon….. nothing so far, so maybe it won’t materialise into anything substantial and put the rivers up …… again !!!! We shall see….. here’s hoping it actually stays dry, now that would be a blessing. Look after yourself guys and gals, and if your travelling back home after the May break, take it steady, till next time, enjoy your dry fly sport and tight lines to one and all ……. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🎣🎣🎣🎣🐟🐟🐟😉